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September 1, 2020


I created the new list below of books to be covered during the lessons.

Target language features:

1. Present and past simple verb tenses (first and third person)

2. Direct speech

3. Have/has (The Body)

4. A lot more.


1. Memorization/Story retelling

2. Role Play.

3. Printed quiz version(ask for  copies for the book you want to do)


Please take a few minutes each lesson to check workbook progress and each students reading ability. Help the students who are lagging behind by referring them back to the Starfall activities below.

Let me know if you are experiencing any problems.

September 2020 RazKids Books

Sep 2020 Elementary Books

Starfall Activities.

Do all Learn to Read Activities 1 to 15

Online lesson Video 2

Online Lesson Video 1