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Video-Teaching Lesson, Sep 26, 2022


November 10, 2020

New Razkids Reading Record Card.

From Monday, Nov 9, 2020, students are getting a new type of reading record card. The aim of the card is to do the following for essential things.
  1. Give a very clear reading  goal  for each week.
  2. Motivate the students to work towards achieving the goal.
  3. Monitor the students to make sure they are doing all the tasks they need to do in order to get to the set goal.
  4. Assess the students in order to determine of the program is achieving the overarching goal of giving the students superior English ability.

How the Card Works.

1. Each card has a list of three books for the student to listen to, read and do the quiz, and record the date each task is completed.

2. Each book has to done three times within the week. (That is three times each of listen, read, quiz ).

3. A printed quiz for one of the books, chosen at random will be given at the beginning of the class the following week, to check if they actually did the quiz.

4. Students that get  a perfect score on the quiz will be given the next sheet. Those that don’t will be asked to redo the card during the next week.

5. There is a designated number of points on the card for tasks completed. A sheet is available for keeping records of students’ activities for each class.

Sheet 1 reading card is available at Reading Sheet 1


September 1, 2020


I created the new list below of books to be covered during the lessons.

Target language features:

1. Present and past simple verb tenses (first and third person)

2. Direct speech

3. Have/has (The Body)

4. A lot more.


1. Memorization/Story retelling

2. Role Play.

3. Printed quiz version(ask for  copies for the book you want to do)


Please take a few minutes each lesson to check workbook progress and each students reading ability. Help the students who are lagging behind by referring them back to the Starfall activities below.

Let me know if you are experiencing any problems.

September 2020 RazKids Books

Sep 2020 Elementary Books

Starfall Activities.

Do all Learn to Read Activities 1 to 15

Online lesson Video 2

Online Lesson Video 1